New year–Resolutions or bust


Greetings readers, old and new, past present and future.

I welcome you to the year of 2011. Things to look forward this year? New expansions to the games I play, EVE Online and so on. Better opportunities to my work? I doubt this, but might as well aim for it. Better life standards than the previous years? We’ll see.

2011 seems grim, but as anyone who’s lived more than a few years can tell you, it can switch quickly. For better or for worse. I present to you, my faithful readers, my resolutions off the top of my head.

1. Move to a warmer climate. Iowa just doesn’t do it anymore. It’s too cold and too old fashioned. I don’t see high tech jobs coming to Sioux City. Even if I did, the competition here is mildly fierce and reliant on things that mean nothing like certifications.

2. Learn and create a fully graphical mobile application. iOS, Android, or Windows 7, doesn’t matter. Ideas included are expansions into completely original code, open source or not, to the EVE Blog Pack app on the Android market.

3. Contribute something to something I particularly enjoy. At this time, this is EVE Online. This is coupled with #2 but can be separated at will. A service or good for EVE Online.

4. Lose weight. Cliché eh? Before I worked for a call center, I was a nice 185 pounds. Yes, that’s heavy for most, but I was also six foot five. Still am, really, just 100 pounds higher. I’d like to lose at least 50 pounds and keep it off. Thoughts on how to do this include getting off the soda kick. I drink a lot of soda. It’s my alcohol, without the side effects, including hangover.

5. Gain a position of leadership. No more the ranks of fodder. I need to be needed and I am sick of going no where fast. This might include changing jobs if this current business doesn’t provide for an opportunity that fits me.

6. Tell my wife I love her. Often. I don’t speak this piece of mind often enough. I don’t speak a lot of my mind, and most of it is better left unsaid. This does not include the three little words that can brighten a world so dark.

7. Learn more about the world around me. This is more or less learn to be self sufficient, by learning things like auto-mechanics.

8. Return to school. This part confuses me a little. I’d rather get a CyberCriminal investigation, because outsmarting someone appeals to me. Perhaps, however, I wont have the mind for it, considering I can’t program myself out of a paper bag, which is part of it, as well am not really the motivated when it comes to details. See my lessons of a server admin, you’ll see plenty of examples. Programming would be nice, but I question if I would like to do that full time. Good idea, take a simple idea and make it a reality. Engineers do that too. Solve problems. Networking admin seems to be something I’m constantly drawn to, figuring out how to get computers to talk across wires. IP addresses and whatnot. Services and security to a point. This also goes with #9.

9. Get financially independent. Right now the two of us (wife and I) can make it in this cold cruel world of financial responsibility, but if either of us loses a job, either because the economy sucks or accident etc, we’d be hit hard. I’m not sure where all of our money goes, but I’m betting most of it is going out to eat and other unneeded items.

10. #9 will be hard with this one. Have a social life. When it’s just two of us, life gets boring fast. Movies we’ve seen, places we’ve been. Doesn’t open up for entertainment. Not much in Iowa, except drinking, which I don’t drink much. I’ve seen what it can do, and I’m not a fan. So what can I do? This one is the toughest because of money and location. We’ll have to see.

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