Proprietary Software vs Free Software


There are many times when I get into a conversation with a friend of mine or two about the benifits of free software. One’s so die hard free software that if he can avoid it, he will go open source, no matter how buggy it is. I can understand his stand point, but I can not live by it. This brings to mind the what if of “What if there was no software licenses, always free open source?”

I feel that a world or system like this can not exist peacefully. There would be too much fragmentation, Ubuntu vs Red Hat vs Puppy Linux vs Slackware vs <insert Linux OS here>. Windows had an early advantage, probably through some shady business practices, but it is what it is. As far as it’s concerned, it meets users needs. Mac came into view as well, and I’m not up on my history, but the idea was to maintain simplicity. Or it is now. They do it well, I will admit, for new users.

Without OS wars, developers would have to develop for many incompatible versions of OS that it would be impossible to maintained. Games like WoW and Counter Strike can not afford to do that, it would cause too many rifts.

Don’t get me wrong, I can see the argument for both sides, developers needing to get paid for their time, etc, but those that volunteer for freedom also have their own jobs, to which they may be doing the same job for pay.


Just thought I’d throw this up, lost my steam, so may pick it up later.

Flood of 2011 in the Midwest


It’s been a while since I updated and boy how things are moving around here.

In short, I wish I could move away from this hell hole. It’s going to get worse before it gets way better. Currently we’re finding that our Army Corp of Engineers is managing a tight ship at the dam’s north of us. The river is currently above flood stage for this area, the town’s area called Riverside is flooding, and many areas in the surrounding area is just simply unsafe.

I’ve taken a few pictures myself and posted them publically. You can see them at this link, but I’m going to try and display them here as well.

The area is bad enough to where the governor of Iowa declared the counties along the river as disaster zones.

Thought I’d share that, I’ll update more my personal live later.

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