Projects–Why aren’t they done?


Greetings All,

A few things I’ve set up. Application development, be that Windows (mobile or not), Android, Unity or Blender, will now be at my new alias’. I’ve set up a generic Facebook page, twitter account, ticketing, GIT repo’s and all. For now, the collection will be known as Demortes’ App’s. Nothing special, just enough to group them. EVE Blog Pack, Simple Guess, Assault (Both 3.0 and HTW), as well as other projects will be listed under this. All of these are really not for public use at this time, but things may be coming out about it.

Unity development is slow. Somehow I lose time or interest, and I forget what I learn. This will become a problem when I return to school (more on that later). Unity has the grounds for fantastic capabilities, it’s a matter of learning it and the programming language associated with it (JavaScript, etc). I have ideas for a video game, but I’m afraid they’ll flop because of my lack of experience and a team. All I have committed to this is an overworked engineer friend of mine that has his own projects. I wish him all the luck, but it comes down to it, half assed programmer and a wannabe 3D modeler is not enough to make it through. Unless, of course, we get really lucky like Notch and make a Minecraft success.

Application development is at a stall too. Largely because of lack of time to devote to it over to devoting to, say, EVE, work and my wife. Yes, I still play a lot of EVE Online, or rather it plays me some days. Battlefield 3 has been stealing a chunk of time away from me as well. I’ve started taking interest in services of my EVE corporation and development a little, so web development for me might pick up to a level I used to do. Nothing custom code, but management of databases and user administration. Other than that, my past time resides in WP management for this blog and Play the Game (now moved to a multisite hosted solution on A Small Orange).

Website management is discussed a little above. I moved away from a friend of mine’s host provider, as hers was set to expire soon, to A Small Orange. Basic package, 30 bucks a year not counting registration of the domain. Not bad at all. I was going to let the domain expire, but apparently I didn’t turn off automatic renewal and so it renewed and isn’t budging on that (nor am I pushing that hard). I’ve just set it to redirect here. and it’s hosting is now through this new provider, as I’ve been really wanting to test this service out. A+ so far. I recommend it.

Other parts of my life are fine. Still working in a call center. Still in Iowa.

Little big things



Yes, I’ve been a bad blogger. I haven’t been posting much these days. I moved to a 7AM to 6PM shift at work which leaves a feeling of absence at night. Get home, cook, shower, do whatever for an hour and then go to bed? Yes, not much I can do in that time. The 3 days off a week work well however.

This last week a friend of mine, whom happened to be engaged to my best friend, had some medical problems and passed away. Although I didn’t know her too well, my best friend has a child with her and was looking at adopting her other child from another father. He was extremely close to her and her to him. I think the parts that effect me more is that I’m so helpless to help my friend. It’s heartbreaking to see a 29 year old die. The good news, in a dark situation, is that she didn’t seem to suffer. She also donated her organs to those that could use them. You can view her online obit here.

Other than that, it’s been another day another shiny nickel.

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