American Society, You’re doing it wrong

I almost plead for my life to improve day in and day out. I’m probably one of the most selfish people I know. You know why? Because if I don’t live, the world doesn’t exist to me. It wont matter what the world does, cause I wont be there to enjoy or suffer in its adventures.

I’m confused and lost hope in America, nay, Earth’s society. With it, I’ve also lost hope in myself. I’ll be the first to point out my hypocrisy, as I was about to do the same thing that I’ve seen today.

I was discussing a number of unconfirmed details about our favorite problem. Internet speed caps, data caps, and increasing cost of goods and services in our world. The first world has nothing more to worry about except where their money is going and for what luxuries. Mind you, I am not taking into account needs. I can go on another rant about governments regulating our needs to a point where we’re forced into consumerism, and that’s not what irked me today. At least not the biggest.

Here’s what’s irked me. Peoples lives are on the line every day. World hunger, in our own back yard, as well as deployed military soldiers around the world. Everywhere from the lives of the hungry being protected and enforced upon those weaker than our bullets. As a super power, we have to play a role in the world, or else the world will eat us alive. I get that. You get that. I still firmly believe take care of the problems at home before sending people over to solve their problems we haven’t mastered yet.

Returning to what irked me into writing, ranting, raving and otherwise fuming at the mouth in sleep induced rabies coma that makes me want to punch babies. Articles report that Verizon will be removing all grandfathered data packages that provide unlimited data transfers to magical devices called cell phones. A device we didn’t have, couldn’t even fathom less than 20 years ago, at least not the extent they are now. I’m sitting here thinking to myself that the discussion I’m having is the result of data abusers and the like, and thus I’m paying for it. 2GB of data a month is nothing in todays world. An HD movie can be 1GB easy, and that’s available during a car ride, or any number of things. Many people travel more than an hour in a car pool, paying 5 USD per gallon of gas to get 20 miles away from their destination (face it, not everyone can afford Hybrids or other eco-friendly cars), and doing that 5 days a week to be productive members. Entertainment during that time is crucial for our sanity. This is engraved in our brain from when we’re young, waiting for the vaguely interesting movie or documentary our school might show during the day, the series of shows we watch when we’re home, the commercials of the latest gadgets, etc. Entertainment is fast paced and a required piece of mind, not silence or improvisation. We are the created, not the creators. Anyhow, returning to the point. I did what a lot of others, I’m sure, would do. Think to thyself, we have a governing body, why not see what the government might be able to do about the rising cost of living on Planet Earth. I open up the website to my governmental body ( and find the “We the People” section where people can set up and sign petitions of what matters to them. Here’s what I found.


Let’s recap. A few worthy ones. Opening up a search for a missing plane, people missing from it as well. 299 signatures. Correct an injustice our government has made, regarding the Department of Defenses anthrax vaccine, 181 signatures. 155 signatures for a hot topic, gay marriage. Hmm, justice from our previous reign of terror, the Bush administration, 254 votes. What irks me is what got the second to the most votes. Exclude cancer and obesity causing foods from PICTURES of the President himself. WTF?! Are you kidding me? That’s THE 2nd most important issue on this page? Remove the ill-perceived concept of subliminal messaging from pictures of the president? I’m sorry, I don’t see myself going to smoke a cancer stick just because one person is doing it, regardless of who I think it is. I don’t care what the President eats, as long as he keeps his health in mind personally, and even if he does eat cancer in a box, so what? The shorter he lives, the longer I keep my money and not pay him a pension after his 4 or 8 years of service that I’m grateful for. Americans are fat asses because they are a herd. They see a monkey eat a banana, so they eat a fucking banana. I don’t stick a gun to your head and tell you to eat cow shit. You’re blaming companies that have nothing to do with your lack of willpower to put down the burger and walk. Don’t waste my 30% tax rate just so you can sleep better at night, dreaming of swimming in Twinkies lardo. Let’s sign into motion an action we can be proud of. Honor our vets, not our celebrities, with half staff flags. We all need hero’s, and they shouldn’t come from Hollywood. How about regulating and legalizing marijuana? Not attempting to ignore the fact that people do it anyway? Let’s make money, not spend money, on what people will do anyway. It harms no one. How about controlling greed? A petition to set the congresspersons wage at exactly middle class yearly? Where’s that in this? These are more important than whether or not an innocent hot dog gets its 15 minutes of fame.

A spare thought and point to make here is… I bet you the people who sign these petitions didn’t even vote. Comes to a point a friend of mine made constantly during his recent election.

If you don’t vote, you can’t bitch.


Thus ends my ranting and raving on this. Comments, thoughts, etc? Discussion, not flame wars please.

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