A gift from God–Atheist view

Today, I got an email from Pintrest. A particular article got my attention. The summary of it, to follow along here, is:

“We’re applauding 17 year-old Brittany Wenger for winning the Google Science Fair! Her grand prize computer program can diagnose breast cancer with 99.1% accuracy, took her more than 600 hours to code, and definitely blows away any science project we’ve ever done.”

That’s quoted from the actual email. What an amazing achievement. This is a fantastic gift to humanity from this girl. I look forward to having the world benefit from the abilities she will gift to the world. Some of the comments are the usually supportive comments, good job, great achievement, and even God bless, which I can get behind. One particular comment, and not unique to this situation, is what gives me the rants. “Congtrats – U are truly amazing & have something truly great for all of mankind!!! God bless you for giving this wonderful gift!!”

Yes, typo included. Anyway, here’s what I interpreted. Dispute it or not, comments like these are all over. “You worked hard, you did an amazing thing, but I’m going to thank God for what you’ve done.” … WTF? Yes I’m an atheist, or agnostic, whatever. Let’s suspend that. Let’s approach this thought process through a believers viewpoint. Let’s assume I do believe in God, and I believe in a basic concept or two.

1. God gave you free will.

2. God created all human beings in His image (aka equal)

So, a comment like the quoted, interpreted as I’ve explained, pisses me off as a believer as well. God may have given this brilliant young lady the brain and the will power. God did not, however, force her to sit there and study how to program. He did not force her to even type up the 600+ hours of code without her knowledge. God did not force her to even choose that project. See where I’m going with this? She did this, and going with the believer theme, with the tools that God provided her, yes. However, she used those tools He gave her to her advantage. Much like I used mine to gain a meager advantage of computers, and some others that go out, do drugs, get laid, have 20 children and collect welfare, while even others choose to murder, rape and steal.

I can see the thought forming in the heads of many believers. Remember, I am one of you for this argument. “God gave her an exceptional brain.” Go back to number two above. He created us all equal. I have the same brain as you, this young lady, George W Bush Sr AND George W Bush Jr. The difference is how we used it. At a very young age, this woman spent time coding, honing her craft at the keyboard so to speak. I spent mine breaking and fixing things in addition to dabbling in all things electronics/computers, while my peers spent it getting drunk, having sex, possibly even rape and steal and kill, and in their stupor enjoy life to what some might call the fullest. YOLO (“You only live once”) as they say. Gods gift to us exists in the tools we use for whatever reason, because we have the free will to use them as such.

Now the most distinctive argument of all. Possibly said aloud, but widely believed I’m sure. “You’re atheist, what do you know?” Just to prove a point, here are some comments that I can get behind, because I believe they believe in God and I respect that.

“You’re an inspiration to us all! I can only pray my 9 yr old daughter has more young women like you to inspire her in life! God Bless”

“You have definitely won a gold in my eyes. Praise God for you and your accomplishment! I am a two year cancer survivor of stage two grade three tripple negative BC!”

“Congrats-I do not know you but I am very proud of you. Lots of luck ti you and God Bless.”

“My prayers are with you, as you are the future and I thank God for that.”

“I know God has a great plan for you.”

What’s the biggest difference of all in these comments? They are praising God for His gift to the world by giving us this young lady, who chose to do the work and give the rewards to society in one form or another. As a believer, I would thank God for her ability to choose this, but I would thank her for choosing to do it, regardless of her influences.


Authors note: If you feel the need to say “You suck” or anything else in comments, be warned, it will be deleted without a thought. Troll attempts will be deleted. What I will not delete is constructive thoughts to lend to the debate your beliefs and how you read it. “You’re wrong” doesn’t convey this.

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