An old project with new life? – Assault: High Tech War

Thought I’d throw up a quick note that a project I’ve worked with, Assault, has had some new interest in it.

For anyone that knows me, I’ve always wanted to make my own video game out of the Assault idea. Best described as an MMORTSRPG, the idea is that you would build a base by collecting resources. You would advance down one of the many tech tree’s instead of having everything open to you. Once you have a base that is… sustainable you could either wait to be attacked, attack someone else, attack NPC’s “missions”, etc. The fun comes from defending and attacking with a slight social aspect.

If you’re interested in playing the original Assault: High Tech War, use a telnet client or MUD client to connect to on port 6660. If you don’t have or want to download a MUD client, you can find one of the many on the web that requires no download.

Anyway. Are you an old player of Assault? Would you like to see more of the classic assault or a new edition of Assault? Anything to add to the project? Get a hold of me and if I’m not doing it, I’ll forward your information to a group of people I’m sure would be interested.

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