Inherited anger “under God”

I’ve logged onto Facebook to waste some time while doing homework (yeah yeah, I know). I found a post about Pepsi not printing “under God” on their cans for the Pledge of Allegiance. It was asking people to boycott. Of course the troll in me came out, saying that I will now buy all of the cans I can (which wont be much, as I’m currently unemployed and going to school. Here’s how it went.:

"Under God" Debate

Obviously some close minded folks feel the need to shove it further down my throat and suggest I find another place to live. I’ve later found out that it was the mother of the original person I was chatting with. I resisted the “So?” and apologized for any offenses I made, but my points still clearly stand. I left the thread at that point out of respect for others.

What gets me is that people expect me to take all their anti-Atheism shit, but while I try and remain respectful to their religions and other beliefs, they expect me to fold. I’m sorry, that will not happen. I can be as vocal as you can and remember that whatever you say to me, such as “You need to find another country to live in” can easily be reflected onto you.

I am Atheist, and for that I am proud. I will not disrespect your religion, but I will push back when you push me.

Projects and Fun

So I’ve recently started school, if you’re just jumping in. I’m 26 years old. As a friend stated, “[I’ve] had a midlife crisis and I go to school. Most people just buy stuff.” I’ve signed up for the Computer Engineering program. I’ve even built a little robot. It drives using a PSX controller wirelessly. Really neat and re-enforced my desire to get into computer engineering. YouTube video to follow:


Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a job. Chasing some leads, I might be putting more of these little bots together for a wage, but we’ll see where it goes.

Other than that, everything is… fluid.

EVE Online has really kicked it into high gear. Weekly gatherings for players of my corporation (think guild/clan). You can find more on Play the Game soon enough.

Other than that, my gaming is at halt. I have started to play around with programming again. Primarily class based stuff, like programming in Java. Getting ideas for other things as I go on, but being an infant in the programming world stunts a lot of my activity. It’ll be interesting to see what I desire to focus on once I start gathering knowledge.

Until next time, I’m sure my routine stays the same. Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, play around with this and that on the computer, sleep, rinse repeat.

Thoughts? Let me know.

New year, new city, new life…

Thought I’d type up a quick entry to detail some decisions I’ve made recently

I’ve actually moved in with my mom and step dad. The problem is they are in another city (Omaha, NE), when I lived in Sioux City, IA. This move is probably going to cost me a lot in the long run, but hopefully it will be worth it.

The reason for the move is it’s the easiest way to get back to school. I’ve decided to attend University of Nebraska – Omaha. I’ve also decided I was going to school regardless of what my wife would do. This very well could cost me my marriage… as well as other things, but I wont get into that.

I’ve also needed to quit my job. VIZIO is a great employee, but can’t telecommute. I haven’t really given it a big push to find a job down in Omaha before moving, but a friend may be my saving grace. It’ll be for an outsourcing center, but I’m only going to be working part time to get through school. With my expierence, I’m hoping they’re going to realize they can afford to have me. 7 years in a call center, almost 8, for all sorts of lines of business I can pretty much work for any company in support and help out. Going from Gateway to AT&T to Apple to Xbox then finally to VIZIO, I’ve touched base on all consumer markets to the average Joe.


Anyway, wish me luck! Did you do something similar? Leave a comment and tell me about it. How’d you feel, how’d it turn out?Facebook, twitter and all that.

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