Poor Customer Service – Verizon Wireless

It’s times like these where I wish I hadn’t done the jobs I have, tried to help the most I could in my roles as customer service.

My mothers car broke down and she didn’t have a phone to call from, she was forced to wait outside in the freezing car that wouldn’t start. No heat, nothing. McDonald’s, which was right next to where the car broke down made her feel all sorts of unwelcome and bothersome when asked to use their phone to even get in touch with my step-father, her husband, to help her out. That made me shake my head already.

Then, after talking to my wife about it, I decided a free basic phone for 10 bucks a month is a small price to pay for her speedy safety in times like this. I tried to order her a phone, nothing special. Free for a two-year contract, an LG Extravert, was to be delivered in two days. Now the first time it was cancelled, I would have said it’s my fault. The second time I ordered it I updated my physical address, at which point I figured was the problem. I had moved to go to school and I don’t think I updated their records. The old isn’t invalid, my wife is living there for the time being until she can get things moving and move down here to go to school as well. The new phone was to be delivered to the new address for my mother, whom I am living with. Wednesdays came and gone, but no phone. I called to find out why, they said it was cancelled due to potential fraud. I should have received a call, so I am told. The only calls I have received were from some people I can’t understand a single word and had to fight to get them to tell me which company they were associated with (and they couldn’t even say my name)… but I doubt that was them. Why? Because I called the day after making the second order… my order was cancelled yet again. No calls. AFTER I updated the address, made sure everything was good to go, they still cancelled it. Now I would have just gone to the store, but the phone wasn’t free in the store, so I’m told.

Now here’s what pisses me off. It wasn’t the physical address that was blocking the order. It was the EMAIL address that I had on file. Let me say it again. EMAIL address on file since the beginning of my account was marked fraudulent. An address that had nothing to do with my service, which was where my bills have been sent dozens of times FROM THE SAME COMPANY, was marked fraudulent.

So I’ve went through three departments in one call, three days worth of calls, I have finally ordered a phone. The same phone? NOPE. They are now sold out of the phone that I wanted. No I’m getting Samsung Intensity 3. If this order gets cancelled, I will not only file a BBB complaint, I will seriously think about cancelling my service and go to AT&T or something like that.

Not only did the situation piss me off, it’s the way it was handled as well. I had no calls, nothing. This is how customers feel like just a number to a company. This is outrageous. If I were told an order I placed was cancelled, I would have called that customer immediately. For those nay-Sayers, you don’t know me or my history with business, but I’ve proven this time and time again. As a matter of fact, for a company that I worked for, it was policy.

Verizon, learn something here. Your first-call-resolution on this sucked, as did your second. And you bet your ass I’ll be calling to try to get rid of the activation fee for satisfaction, especially if I have to return the phone because it’s crap.


Update: Once again, the order is on hold. “Third time’s the charm” is obviously a myth.

Update: Placed a new order at the recommendation of chat support. This was done online. It asked for my SSN, drivers license number and my credit card number… if they don’t know who I am, I’m going to be pissed.

Update 3: Order has been placed on hold. Requesting fax of driver license and SSN card….

Update 4: Order is still on hold. Called in, they stated the address I am having the phone shipped to (Current residence) is blocked, can be unblocked, but the order has to, yet again, be resubmitted. At this point and time, I refuse to give them any business. If they make it so hard for me to give them my business, I will remove my business. I filed a BBB complaint requesting all ETF’s to be waived so I can freely cancel and transfer my service elsewhere.

Update 5: Looks like everything worked out. Rather than wait for the BBB complaint to force Verizon to contact me, I went to the store for one last attempt to resolve it. I got the phone I want, got the activation fee waived, everything is good. Glad to have had this resolved, but wish it didn’t take so much.

Funny Moments in Life

I thought this was funny enough to share…

Wife: I have eggs and ham
Me: are they green?
Wife: no but they are fluffly
Me: how is ham fluffy?
Me: ham = http://fluffyguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/banner-gabe.png (Random Image of Gabriel Iglesias)?
Wife: well he ate a lot of ham and he’s fluffy they say you are what you eat, ergo if he is ham and he is fluffy then ham by default is fluffy ergo fluffy
Me: ……
Wife: ?
Me: I’m half tempted to send that to Gabrielle Inglesias and see if he responds to that……..
Wife: I would take one l and the last e off of that otherwise he will have bigger issues than fluffiness, then he will be a female fluffy
Me: gabriel iglesias


Got any random moments of hilarity with your significant other? Please share!

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