Not a gamer…. but I am? Xbox one, PS4 and Wii what?

The Xbox one was announced recently, and shortly before then, the PS4. The Wii U has been out for some time, and really don’t consider Nintendo’s contender into serious gaming, but I digress.

With all the great new features announced, I’ve still pretty much decided that unless I have some extreme excess cash (and as a college student going through a divorce, I doubt that’ll be anytime soon), I will not be buying these next gen consoles. Nothing seems amazing about them to make me want to. Don’t get me wrong, the technology they’re using is amazing, they just don’t “Wow” me. Let’s consider, right now, that I’m a little upset at the Skyrim differences between PC and Xbox 360. The textures and capabilities are far from each other on each platform. I bought the Xbox version because I know I’d be tempted to cheat with mods and whatnot on the PC. Now that I beat the game, however, I hardly play it. Where mod’s would certainly add a replay ability. Also, textures. PC had a an HD texture pack and various other useful hacks like a real time map.

Let’s talk about the features I see on the Xbox One (I’m more of an Xbox fanboy than a Sony fanboy, so I haven’t paid close attention to the PS4 outside of the desire to play Dust514. Blame Sony’s reaction to Geohot and their regression of removing Linux capability from their platform). Three operating systems to facilitate separate functions, media, TV and gaming. Lacking backward compatibility (I understand why, but if I can’t play my old games on my new console, it still removes some of the desire). The controller looks like it’s been sent through Notch’s Minecraft generator. As does the console itself. Is that a freaking VCR? I like the look of the Xbox 360 myself. Cloud rendering of video games? And with slow/no internet, you get the crappy graphics that game makers put on the disc. 

If they were to add backward compatibility somehow, with little to no cost to me (preferably no cost), I might reconsider it. Do what Ultraviolet is doing. Trade in your disc games for downloadable. I have yet, as well, to see processor specs, video card, etc.

Let’s compare to the PC now. I can play my old games, sometimes requiring hacks, but for the most part not so much. There are also more free to play games coming to PC than on Xbox. Rift recently announced a new business model of Free to Play, Lord of the Rings Online, Diablo III has a certain free to play, etc. Most games I’m interested in aren’t console exclusive. Battlefield 3 wasn’t, Skyrim wasn’t, and I believe Fable and that series is somewhere on PC but I could be wrong. I also like the feel of the keyboard better than the controller sometimes, but I do have a controller dongle to use the 360’s controller when wanted. I can now hook up my PC to my TV and get HD quality and run not just what Microsoft wants me to run, but any OS, any application or game, any video. No gold subscription to pay for.

Console will likely never be my main gaming platform again, now that PC’s are rapidly becoming less expensive, more capable, and I don’t have to drop 500 bucks on one PC right away, I can build and upgrade my existing one. I might own a console, but with disposable income and spare time.

What features are you looking forward to? Is one feature over them all going to make you move to a next gen console? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

Combat Boredom

I’ve been mildly disinterested in games recently, mostly because of school. However, these days, I’ve been bored of them. EVE Online is still a great game if you find a great group of friends to do what you want. As I don’t like mining, which is effectively doing nothing in my opinion, my group of friends are not as exciting as I am. I have let my subscription to EVE Online lapse.

Recently I have received a free 60 days of subscription time to Rift, along with the expansion pack. This is a different game from EVE entirely, so it was a welcome break, for a few days. Unfortunately it became mundane for the most part. The guild is what kept me on for hours, again to a point. You still quest and grind a lot. The one thing they did that I liked over WoW was what they called “dimensions”, which is basically a player/guilds house.

So now, I’m sitting here having woken up less than 12 hours ago, bored. I’ve worked on other projects of mine, but I really want something to do as far as gaming. I could go play Pirates of the Burning Sea, but recently I have revamped my econ to where I’m not making any money it seems. Part of this is because of the lacking player base in my society, which one person was to supply me with goods to build up the most profitable item in game. My play style and time is so off, I can’t rely on him.

I could also play Rift, but the grind seems too mundane right now. How about Guild Wars 2? I’m stuck on a quest which I can not complete myself, and once again I’m not a social player.

I think to myself every now and then what the perfect game is. My views are pretty simple, I think. I wish I had the willpower and time to dedicate myself to it, however. With the release of occulus rift and some of these ideas would be best executed in VR, I wish so even more so.

So here’s how I envision my perfect game:
First you start of with a detailed character creation, much like EVE Online. You start off in a world that you learn your basic combat skills. This would be post apocalyptic in nature. Once you learn some basic skills, you then learn you can captain a spaceship and discover new societies. This would take the EVE Online aspect one further. You can sell that ship, buy premade ships, or you can design your very own. Specify what it might look like, how many crew quarters, etc. Guilds, corporations, or whatever you would call the group of like minded players, would then be able to help you on your ship for bonuses, like an extra pilot, or a mechanic, or even just a diplomat for navigation through alliance controlled space. Now this is all good and fun, and for the most part can seem dull once you’ve done it the first time. Next thing I’d like to add to it is being elected a ruler or owner of a planet. Now you can build a sim city like style setup. Buy land or excavate it, build buildings that have purposes, protect civilizations on that planet or terrorize it. Then when your world or land is invaded, take it into a FPS kind of game. You buy weapons, “clones” or lives, ammo and vehicles. You can be supported by your friends in space, or you can leave and let your civilization fend for itself.

The above game would be epic, and adding aspects like political revolutions against you or your enemies could add so many other parts to the game. Unfortunately to be multiplayer, it would require massive servers and be too big to keep track of. Also interfaces would likely be clunky and require specialized tutorials to even scratch the surface. Then add some of the limitations of other technologies, like Oculus Rift. For now, I guess, I’ll play them in parts, in different ages, and just hope…


What game would you want? How would it be different than what you’ve played?

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