Greetings all,

It’s been a LONG while since I posted. I thought I’d go ahead and add a little bit here. I’d be interested what you might want to see here, what brought you here, etc. Analytics can’t only do so much.

During my summer, I’ve been working on bettering the CEENBoT through software development. I’ve been hired to do this of course, which is a great experience in itself. I start school back up in late August, assuming nothing soul shattering happens.

As far as personal life, I’m still living in Omaha, more or less on my own. I’m on school campus dorms. Right now, I’m living with two other guys (the apartment houses 4 total, the fourth position is open until August I’m assuming). This has been interesting in itself. I’ve never considered myself closed minded and whatnot so I’ve enjoyed alternative viewpoints. I have a Korean roommate (South, of course). He’s a little bit much for my liking, but tolerable. He keeps clean, expects others to as well. His expectations have led to some hostility. Anyway, I also have a Saudi Arabian living here as well. Great guy. Very understanding and interesting. He’s extremely pleased to be here. The Korean has been gone most of the summer, went home until his summer classes started. The Saudi (I really should give these guys false names…. if I continue to write about them that is) has helped me out tremendously this summer with various things, dishes etc. He’s kept things clean, offered up his dishes to use and so on. Unfortunately my two roommates don’t get along with each other, causing some small drama.

Other than the above, it’s video games and sometimes laying in bed bored out of my mind. Straight forward, nothing earth shattering and so on. I’m hoping to add more content to the internet through various channels, like twitch.tv for broadcasting some of my games, YouTube for broadcasting the games as well as the CEENBoT stuff I am working on outside of work and some project ideas, http://ptg.demortes.com for some game related news that other gamers might find interesting. I’m also looking at some coding on BitBucket, but it’s primarily work related and private repos. As always, day to day activities can be viewed at Twitter (@demortes) which pulls my Facebook stuff into it, or of course Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/demortes). Smile

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