Procrastination – How to Solve It?


Hello all,

It seems that I have yet to update any time recently so I thought I’d upload my thoughts here… primarily as procrastination to my real task today.

I’ve been invited to do a third beta test for the Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve recently grown tired of this as the content available is limited and I’ve been through the majority of it in the first test, except PvP which I have little to know interest in.

On another game related note, I’ve been streaming my games sometimes at Twitch. Most of my gaming antics can be found at

I’ve gotten my taxes back, and partially paid some bills while wasting the rest of my money. Weeks before my taxes, I was notified that I had WON a Google Glass (MSRP $1500 USD). I’m sure you would think like I did and say hey… that’s a scam. Thanks to the folks at however, I received it and it works and legit. I vetted the email, remembered entering into the contest on their website, and I actually won. Then after I got my taxes, I told myself I’m going to buy one thing I’ve had my eye on relentlessly but never had the money for. I bought myself an Oculus Rift. The technology is amazing! I’ll have to do a full write up, but keep in mind that its a developer version. I really want to get my hands on EVE Valkyrie. You can find more information about it at their website.

Otherwise, I’m still in school. I’m procrastinating homework at this time, largely because I did a good chunk of it yesterday (Homework on a Saturday? Unheard of!) Also it’s a topic that I am not confident in at all. Calculus I. Why am I not comfortable in it? Largely because I can’t seem to wake up these mornings to go to class and can’t bring myself to do homework that isn’t collected. I don’t know why this is a problem for me. I worked 9 – 5 some days, or even earlier and had few issues waking up. Perhaps because I’m paying to be there instead of getting paid to do so. Either way. It needs to stop.

As a part of the school system, I was asked to co-found a robotics club. Partnering with Luke, a freshman this year, we have it recognized by student government and have had a few meetings. The interest, however, seems to have waned from our first meeting. Going from about 15 in attendance, we are now down to three at one meeting, and four at another, including myself as VP, Luke as President, and then a couple of people that we’ve given them roles for Secretary and Treasurer. We brainstormed on how to get members involved again. Most of the problem is likely the time we’re choosing to meet, which no one is answering our questions on when it would be best.

As far as work goes, the lab I work in is winding down. Not without a final project however. I’ve been tasked to complete the project that interfaces a Bluetooth module with the CEENBoT. Doing this in the form of an Android app that controls the robot. I’ve been running into difficulty, primarily with the Android side of things, but the hurdle I’m at now is trying to find out why the serial communication seems to misalign, so to speak, the messages. Unfortunately I should start looking for another job. Perhaps I’ll post my CV up on the website as additional exposure.

That’s my life as it is right now. My question to you is how do you stay motivated for tasks you don’t otherwise find fun? Leave a comment below!

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