First Post… Again

Technology is a fickle mistress. She likes to work her own way, but only based on what you tell her literally.

I love technology, but sometimes it doesn’t love me. This is okay though. There were changes made to configurations last that made me hate the setup of the previous server. It made it impossible to recover any data that was not really that important.

After some exploration of stats, I found out the old site wasn’t getting much traffic anyway. I don’t blame anyone but myself for that. Frankly, I don’t update as much as I should. So what did I do? I erased it all. I’ll be looking at new formats. This will be a place for my applications to receive attention, such as support notices and news, and professional expansion and networking to happen.

This is very much my personal blog. Opinions will be stated, and not everyone will like them. That’s okay. I want discussion, that’s part of networking. As you get to know me, you’ll find professionally as well as personally, I’m a pretty okay guy! I hope to get to know you and hope you get to know me.

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