BLUBoT Reviews – Rant

Well, today I decided to log into the Google Play console for my Android applications. I did so to unpublish a Twitch specific application. I decided to focus on a Windows application instead.

While in the console, I saw that BLUBoT was still there, of course. No reason for it not to be. For those that don’t know, I’m a nerd. I programmed robots under a National Science Foundation grant, attached to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. While I did so, I created an Android application that utilized the bluetooth chip HC-05 connected to a CEENBoT and allowed you to drive the CEENBoT around from your phone. Very cool accomplishment on my part.

That said, I decided to use a PS3 remote control interface for the mechanism to control it. Makes sense? Why re-invent the wheel. The rant comes from the fact that people don’t read. Right in the description, it says that the application is not for a PS3 connection, which is technically impossible. Yet people download, try to connect to the PS3, and fail to do so. Then return and leave a one star review for an application that they mistakenly downloaded and wasted their own time.

To be clear, I did not mislead the intent of the application for more downloads. Seriously, there are no ads, the source code for it is online and I have no reason to troll for downloads. Yet, it’s been downloaded nearly 100,000 times. Cool… I guess.

It’s very hard to innovate when the general public can’t even understand simple concepts like reading what an application does before downloading it. No wonder malware on phones is a big issue when a bug is found in the Android OS, or iOS. (Apple users are not immune to this, fanbois).

The best part are those reviews that say “Works great on my PS3!” Wait…. what? I shake my head…

Anyway, it’s 1:30am, I work in the morning. Time for bed… Got any of your own review situations that make you think the world is doomed? Comment below!

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