Energy and its waste on religious keyboard wars

Today, I shared an image from a memory on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s basically a piece of Facebook that says, “Hey, you shared this today x years ago.” and allows to easily share it again.

Let me attach the image as I shared it. Then I’ll rant a little bit and paste what was said, because I think it’s worth remembering.

Graphic image of trash in water and affecting wildlife
As I pointed out in my comments which I will paste later on toward an individual who took offense to this image, there were no stabs at any particular religion and it doesn’t even exclude the atheistic view that we exist from chance. As you probably guessed at this point, someone replied, “I’m sorry, but Christians are to blame for ocean trash? LOL”.

I do not wish to recreate every moment of the thread, but I did make the comment that they did, indeed, prove the point the image made. After a rebuttal, here’s the bulk of the point I wish to clarify from this image, quoted from my Facebook page:

Alright, let’s do this. Consider this. Nowhere did I say, nor does the original image say, Christians are the problem. Nowhere did it say Buddhists, Catholics, Wiccans or Atheists are the problems. What it did say, however, is that we spend more time getting offended, looking for reasons to be offended and to do the keyboard warrior thing for our beliefs.


Now, take the after affects… it’s probably wrecked your mood a little bit, or perhaps it wont even allow you to lose sleep. But now we have words exchanged when it’s been how long since you and I spoke? Our prolonged absence from each others life is now marred by this “insult” that I did not make. This insinuation against your belief? When in all realities I’m just as much a source of the problem as this conversation is.


Take the energy we just spent, the loss of time we just witnessed. Apply that more constructively. Now, apply that by every day you spend energy on defending your beliefs. Now apply that times 2, to accommodate for the both of us, because remember I’m part of the problem as well.


Now take that, and apply it times at least 50 percent of the world. Just 50… conceptualize it. How much energy did we just collectively waste? While there are real world problems to solve. Child rapists to stop, animals to save, and life to give… Consider that for a moment. Religious wars have been a waste of energy.


Now I’m going to deviate from what we might believe to what I believe. I believe I wont change minds. I believe I don’t need to. I respect every believer, and non believer. I respect your desire and right to practice whatever you please, so long as you don’t infringe on my rights. This is why religious wars are a waste. There’s also a core belief that believers are worshiping the same God, as you call it. Or Allah as others. Or so on.


Regardless of what you might believe, consider the energy that went into writing this. The energy that went into allowing an insinuation to influence your reaction. And consider where else that might be better applied. Because while I may not believe what you believe, I don’t have to. I still respect you, and every one else, until they show me they don’t deserve it.

So… there you have it. Hopefully I didn’t insult anyone, hopefully I clarified my position without furthering the dark hole. I’m more than happy to consider the discussion further, so please leave a (constructive) comment!

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