Geek Wearing Glass
Kevin Dethlefs is wearing Google Glass.

Kevin Dethlefs, also known as Demortes, was born Sept. 7th 1986. At the time of this writing, that puts him at 28 years of age. Having grown up with an interest in computers, he’s focused on expanding the knowledge in the field. Current, as of April 2014, he is attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Omaha Campus) as a Computer Engineering major. Although his schooling is in engineering, he has also set his sights on staying up to date on other topics, like computer security, programming, mobile devices and so on.


Living in Omaha, NE, USA, the goal is to gain a job that he enjoys doing after graduation from school. This will keep him in the field of computer engineering. During school, however, he relaxes by taking on challenges of programming a game such as Assault, gaming (and even sometimes writing about it on another blog), maintaining friendships, and generally enjoying his time on Earth.


For his professional career, since he was 16 he’s worked in the service industries, primarily in customer services, having worked with big names like Gateway, AT&T, Apple, Microsoft and Vizio in delivering satisfactory solution to both the business and its customers. Currently he works with the CEENBoT education robot, developed by students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and distributed using National Science Foundation grants. There were a number of projects that he has contributed to, including integration of Bluetooth with the CEENBoT, development of other modules that allowed the CEENBoT controlled by universal television remotes and integrate data collection devices, such as temperature, time and assisted integrating acceleration and rotation sensors. This later moved to programming with a payment processor known as First Data.


Favorite quotes

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Einstein