EVE Blog Pack (Android)

An application built to keep EVE players in the know by delivering player created news to their mobile devices. This application uses a feed generated by Yahoo Pipes and displays it in a dark theme to make it easy to read, but links directly to the content creators website if more information is wanted. This is Kevin’s first publicly released app, starting on the click and drag platform App Inventor and later redone in Java code.

ceenbot_pkiCEENBoT API (C)

This was originally developed through the University of Nebraska to allow students to program the CEENBoT. The CEENBoT is a robot designed by a student at the university and later funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to spread the robot to area schools. The API provides an easy to use set of function calls that a programmer uses to make the robot move, display items on the LCD, make noise or gather information from the infrared sensors. Kevin’s role in the CEENBoT API was modification of the existing code before it went public and the universities grant from the NSF had been used and concluded. Many modules and code contributions were made during his time in the CEENBoT labs, including a Bluetooth module/android app, a module to control the robot via universal television remote, integrating temperature, time and data logging, and integrating the API’s into the commonly known Arduino development interface.

The Future

Future application ideas include an text messaging application that allows a user to test message through their phone from their computer, integrating Google Glass’ gyroscope and other sensors into video gaming, developing video games using technologies like the Unreal Engine or Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset designed to immerse the wearing into the game fully, and general utilities to assist in everyday computing. Keep an eye on Assault Game Studios’ website for more information about Kevin’s involvement in the gaming community.

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