Energy and its waste on religious keyboard wars

Today, I shared an image from a memory on Facebook. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s basically a piece of Facebook that says, “Hey, you shared this today x years ago.” and allows to easily share it again.

Let me attach the image as I shared it. Then I’ll rant a little bit and paste what was said, because I think it’s worth remembering.

Graphic image of trash in water and affecting wildlife
As I pointed out in my comments which I will paste later on toward an individual who took offense to this image, there were no stabs at any particular religion and it doesn’t even exclude the atheistic view that we exist from chance. As you probably guessed at this point, someone replied, “I’m sorry, but Christians are to blame for ocean trash? LOL”.

I do not wish to recreate every moment of the thread, but I did make the comment that they did, indeed, prove the point the image made. After a rebuttal, here’s the bulk of the point I wish to clarify from this image, quoted from my Facebook page:

Alright, let’s do this. Consider this. Nowhere did I say, nor does the original image say, Christians are the problem. Nowhere did it say Buddhists, Catholics, Wiccans or Atheists are the problems. What it did say, however, is that we spend more time getting offended, looking for reasons to be offended and to do the keyboard warrior thing for our beliefs.


Now, take the after affects… it’s probably wrecked your mood a little bit, or perhaps it wont even allow you to lose sleep. But now we have words exchanged when it’s been how long since you and I spoke? Our prolonged absence from each others life is now marred by this “insult” that I did not make. This insinuation against your belief? When in all realities I’m just as much a source of the problem as this conversation is.


Take the energy we just spent, the loss of time we just witnessed. Apply that more constructively. Now, apply that by every day you spend energy on defending your beliefs. Now apply that times 2, to accommodate for the both of us, because remember I’m part of the problem as well.


Now take that, and apply it times at least 50 percent of the world. Just 50… conceptualize it. How much energy did we just collectively waste? While there are real world problems to solve. Child rapists to stop, animals to save, and life to give… Consider that for a moment. Religious wars have been a waste of energy.


Now I’m going to deviate from what we might believe to what I believe. I believe I wont change minds. I believe I don’t need to. I respect every believer, and non believer. I respect your desire and right to practice whatever you please, so long as you don’t infringe on my rights. This is why religious wars are a waste. There’s also a core belief that believers are worshiping the same God, as you call it. Or Allah as others. Or so on.


Regardless of what you might believe, consider the energy that went into writing this. The energy that went into allowing an insinuation to influence your reaction. And consider where else that might be better applied. Because while I may not believe what you believe, I don’t have to. I still respect you, and every one else, until they show me they don’t deserve it.

So… there you have it. Hopefully I didn’t insult anyone, hopefully I clarified my position without furthering the dark hole. I’m more than happy to consider the discussion further, so please leave a (constructive) comment!

Work to live, live to work.

Hey everyone,

A note that I’m still alive. I’m doing some miscellaneous things on the internet. You can learn about my streaming video games on the various platforms over at my gaming blog, Play the Game.

For those that want to know the other parts of my life. I’m still single. I’m still living alone. I work as a programmer at a major enterprise. I don’t mention their name now because in no way do I want to come across as a representative of that company. My thoughts on this blog are my own. My hobbies are my own. They don’t own me, and I don’t live and breath with them….

Except for a week ago. I’ve always said to myself that I wouldn’t be that guy that lived to work. I worked 75 hours last week. Sadly I don’t think I got done everything I honestly should have in that amount of time. Seriously. I always doubt myself, this isn’t new to me. I really should have gotten my project done at work. I didn’t however.

That said, I am developing for a hobby as well. Many projects on the mind, but the one I was focusing on until recently was a chat bot for the Twitch platform, although I had ideas to throw it at Mixer (what was Beam) and integrate services like Discord as well. The primary function at this time is to serve sounds triggered by chat. For instance, a “!sound no” would push a sound of “no no no” over my stream. In itself, it’s not useful, but it could be entertaining, and it engages chatters. You can really try and find more out as I build up the site over here. I am calling the bot Alfred.

As for other things, I’ve paid for game making courses and need to spend some time on that. I thought about streaming some programming as well. Either developing Alfred, or developing my own basic games. I haven’t committed to either yet.

Naturally, during the summer, school has taken a back seat. This time it may be more permanent than I thought would happen. I’m not a great student, apparently. Enjoying school wasn’t an option apparently. Oh well, I have the job. I’m looking to succeed in that field. I think I’m doing well.

Anyway, that’s a quick update. I’ve got many updates, and little time to deal with it. School stopped. Work is a little overwhelming.

Gearing up for class

Well, it’s that time of year again. Class starts in about two weeks. I’m currently working at First Data, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable

This semester I’ll be focusing on data structures for programming, history after the civil war (American), Physics and some Calc II. Should be fun…. not. I’m honestly not looking forward to it but it has to be done. And I have to do well from here on out.

Truth is, I almost lost my financial aid because of my apathy toward things. This summer has been no different it seems. I’m hoping to be on the right path to fix it. Most of the apathy is when I get up in the morning though. I’m a night person, through and through. But my physics class is at 8:30 in the morning two days a week.

Once again, I’m going to try and maintain a streaming schedule, but this weekend seems shot. I’m staying with my step father to help around the house, and their internet doesn’t support a decent upload. I did, oddly, bring my desktop though, so I could have something to do when I’m not doing oddball chores here and there.

Going back to school, I’ve already ordered my books, and they’re waiting for me at the bookstore. The physics class didn’t post the book to the bookstore, but I’m hoping I already have it from the time I withdrew from the class before. I’m also hoping my online history class opens up on Blackboard soon so I can look at the syllabus and see if there’s any chance of working ahead. The sooner I can get done with that class, the better.

Anyway, the end of summer is near. How was your summer? Do anything fun? Leave a comment below.

What’s new?

Greetings reader,

I haven’t had much going on recently. Thought I’d detail what’s going on, and what’s to be expected soon.

August 24th is the start of the school year for me. I will be taking 15 credit hours, out of a max 18. 12 is considered full time. This fall semester will consist of an online American History class, Data Structure programming in Java, Calculus 2 and Physics 1. For those that don’t know, my major at the University of Nebraska-Omaha is computer engineering, so most of these are prerequisites for other classes, with the exception of the history class.

I bring this up because I feel like it’ll be a workload to balance between those classes and the part time job I have to hold. Meanwhile, I have other goals as well. I have lost my car, since the fuel pump went out and I did not make enough money to fix it. I’d like to replace that. For now, I have a bicycle and don’t go anywhere anyway. This might be a savior when it comes to homework.

One other aspect of school to mention is the fact that I’m still vice president of the UN Robotics club (formerly PKI Robotics). This organization focuses on creating robots for competition and just exploring technology around us. This year, we want to compete in a NASA competition, but have yet to decide what that will be and how to fund it.

Another goal of mine is to start my Twitch stream at regular intervals. This depends entirely on workload from the others. For those that don’t know, Twitch is a platform to which gamers can broadcast their gaming to the internet, incorporating a social aspect through chat. The idea is to share games among gamers, create a community and some even have a goal of supporting themselves with gaming on a full time basis. I’m not wanting to do this full time, but if I could make enough money off of it to support myself through school, even better.

One of my ultimate goals through my hobbies is the creation of a video game that people actually want to play. I’ve started a website at AGS to get myself and a few others going, but it’s been sitting idle for the better part of a year. Hosted on the same server as this website, it’s been an idle project as much as this website has been. Pay more attention to that website for details on the game and the influences of the game.

One item I haven’t mentioned in a while, and I’m not sure I will continue, is the idea behind the Play the Game blog. PTG, as it’s become known, has also been idle. It originally started out as a blog about EVE Online to try and draw new players into it with tips, tricks, and discussions about EVE Online. I stopped playing EVE Online a bit, and thus wanted to convert it into a general gaming blog. Who would have thought that it’s more fun to play the game than to write about the game? So, with that, I doubt it’ll continue to be a goal of mine as I already have a lot on my plate. If someone wants to submit articles and use the site, I wouldn’t mind a few authors to submit content to it. I’ll just play an administrator and small time author if a game ruffles my feathers enough for me to write about.

So that pretty much explains where I am, where I want to go and what to expect from me on the internet. Thoughts? Comments? Let me know below!

First Post… Again

Technology is a fickle mistress. She likes to work her own way, but only based on what you tell her literally.

I love technology, but sometimes it doesn’t love me. This is okay though. There were changes made to configurations last that made me hate the setup of the previous server. It made it impossible to recover any data that was not really that important.

After some exploration of stats, I found out the old site wasn’t getting much traffic anyway. I don’t blame anyone but myself for that. Frankly, I don’t update as much as I should. So what did I do? I erased it all. I’ll be looking at new formats. This will be a place for my applications to receive attention, such as support notices and news, and professional expansion and networking to happen.

This is very much my personal blog. Opinions will be stated, and not everyone will like them. That’s okay. I want discussion, that’s part of networking. As you get to know me, you’ll find professionally as well as personally, I’m a pretty okay guy! I hope to get to know you and hope you get to know me.

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