Personal Project? Minecraft + Assault MUD.

I’ve been thinking of maybe… MAYBE…. looking to learning to program a game like Minecraft, but with a focus on online gaming for PvP play. For those that know me personally, they know of my time with the MUD called Assault. For those that don’t, look at this little summary:

Assault is a MUD (text based game) that you would connect to using any telnet capable application and be able to run around a virtual world, building a base and collecting resources. Those resources and research and whatnot would then go to building bombs, weapons, armor and vehicles. This would allow you to defend yourself and ultimately take out your enemies. You can work under alliances or be against everyone. You could blow up other peoples bases (which get a “grace period” to rebuild afterward) or be destroyed.

I feel this would make a great combo with a game like Minecraft because it’s low graphics, thus should be low resource usage, but focuses more on gameplay than graphics, since I can not operate Photoshop to save my life…

The tasks in this is monumental for me though, I haven’t done much graphical designing. Java would probably be best, so I can hit all OS’s, but I hate Java because I find that it uses more resources than I figure a native compiled application would. Also, I would have to make it so players can run their own servers, because if I want to terminate development, I’d like to have players not have to suffer withdrawal because there isn’t a server. The coding is another problem. Advanced methods I have yet to learn would have to be utilized, so this is not an overnight project by far. Maybe years of learning and refining. But hey, that’s what updates are for right?

Perhaps I’ll create an image of the end product, a design document, and a features list for the first release and go from there.

Comments? Suggestion? Drop me a comment.

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