Rant: Government and Policing

My general rule of thumb is simple. Take care of yourself before you worry about others.

The United States of America is not following this rule. As long as I can remember, it has never followed this. I appreciate the need to save the world, but save yourself first. The USA has problems of its own that it seems it can not accomplish anything against. Poverty, unemployment and fraud within it’s own laws.

Yes, these people in Libya are bad. Japan is an awful tragedy. It doesn’t have to be our job to provide things to these people that we can’t even supply ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, the Japan earthquake and whatnot, I fully support assisting in. This is mother nature telling us to knock it the fuck off, and play nice. It’s primarily the Libya conflict that is getting me riled up. Compounded by Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya is their own people. They, as I understand it, are of no threat to the USA. We do not need to enforce an ideology of democracy (commercialized democracy) on another culture just because the government there doesn’t agree with us and our rules. We don’t live there and the best we can do is welcome refugee’s from that country with open arms. Once it becomes a threat, then we can put Libya off the map with our guns, military and economic enforcements.

For those that don’t know, I live in Sioux City, Iowa. Recently I found out that the location I work at is currently going to go through some layoffs. In an attempt to save myself hassle of finances later, I started looking at alternatives. There is nothing here for jobs. In the middle of the USA, there are no technical service items for an unofficially educated person to accept to fulfill the American Dream. There’s something wrong with that. We have people on disability, unemployment screwing the system, which I probably wont get due to how business works. I’m about to lose my insurance, mind you I’ve never used and paid for (hopefully I’ll fix that). I’m living with my parents as well due to marital problems and still can’t make enough to buy a vehicle to make myself more independent and productive member of the society of earth. There is something wrong with this.

Now that I gave insight into my problem, how about some ways to resolve it? School, to become officially educated, paying thousands of dollars for a sheet of paper that means nothing to the intelligence of a person. Certifications and degree’s are not exclusive to “You can do this” it means “You passed a test”. I can tear down a computer, put it back together and have it work still. I can reinstall operating systems and learn new systems quickly. I am, however, passed up on IT positions because I don’t have a piece of paper saying I can do this. No one bothers with an interview, their own physical test to see what I am capable of.

Let’s also dig deeper into a story of my step father that I’m living with. This dude had injured himself on a job. The government/insurance companies have a way of screwing people out of their money. Obviously he should have been paid for medical expenses and trouble of the injury that he legitimately received. He didn’t want to break his leg. This situation has been compounded even further because an infection had infiltrated his defenses, leaving him without substantial muscle to work his entire leg  without assistive technologies (cane, brace, crutches or wheelchair). This then also causes pain. The man is seriously fucked up at this point in his life, and never will get it back. Doubt he’ll be able to do any work (physical labor and he lacks the attitude and skills for service industries). The system here had tied him up in legal battles, claiming he can work, he’s not injured etc. The story I heard involved bribes toward doctors and his attitude, I’m sure, had made the situations difficult as well, changing doctors and whatnot. That’s his right, however. The legal battle lasted for over two years, while he’s seeking minimal medical attention until this all gets resolved. Finally, the case closes out of settlement because the appeal process would take an additional 7 years after this court goes through, and yes, the companies would appeal to the death. He gets a fairly substantial amount, but now he has to pay medical bills (which should have been taken care of the rest of his life due to insurance) and pay off his lawyer of two years and now he’s left with less than half of his money that goes to back due bills and whatnot due to a double income being reduced to single individual income in the household. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS?!

I’m not looking for “Move to the UK and take advantage of the NHS” etc. This is a state of the mis-union of our government and its people. It’s ridiculous.

We need to stop being police of the world, take care of our people and our laws, before we take care of others.

Politicians, leaders and other people thinking of this… before you do anything for anyone else, ask yourself one question… What’s wrong with this?

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